Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where To Buy

Of course, you could go to the closest Autozone store and pick up some car care products, and most exterior care care products provide the results they promise, but what are the long-term effects?

For example, wheel cleaners sold at Autozone are very effective in cleaning your wheels, but chemically not well balanced. Use their wheel cleaner every few weeks for 2-3 years and you will notice considerable clearcoat damage to the wheel.

Waxes are often difficult to apply or remove and do not last very long; mircofiber towels are of cheap materials and can be tossed out after a couple of washes, and tools such as brushes with iron wire is not thought through well enough. The only product line I would ever recommend myself to by at stores such as Autozone, Walmart, etc, is Meguiar's.

Two outstanding online retailers that offer products that are effective AND safe:
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They offer incredible product insight and are always available to answer all your questions. Shipping is fast and reasonable and websites include tutorials for many different detailing products.

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